The PRIMUS design methodology is a four-step process:

  1. Chat – Lets get acquainted and talk about your project under NDA (this bit is free!)
  2. Analyse – We gather together your requirements, interview stakeholders, discuss essentials vs ‘nice to have’
  3. Digest – We’ve a wealth of experience in a variety of industry sectors that we will apply to gain fresh insight into your project.
  4. Present – A detailed design is proposed. We’ll quote to implement it too but our Full Disclosure principle means it’s ok to get someone else in.


PRIMUS can take on an existing design and adapt it to be

  • Easier to maintain – by you, us or someone else
  • More reliable
  • Simpler/Cheaper/Faster

Once we’ve analysed and understood a design, whether we’ve improved the design or not, we can add functionality to it according to your needs.

Due Dilligence

Our software designers are experts in their field. Typically they are

  • Post-Graduate qualified in Computer Science
  • Seasoned with 15+ years of software development experience
  • Members of the IEEE and other professional bodies

We can advise, under NDA, on the merits or otherwise of a software project so you have an impartial opinion of what you’re getting.


For the design process, we’ll be using

  • Argo UML – the software designer’s equivalent of a CAD package
  • Microsoft Visual C# – for any rapid prototyping
  • Adobe PDF – all our documents and presentation slides are delivered in industry standard PDF format

We prefer to use easily accessible, cost-effective, standard tools and file formats so you don’t have to upgrade your infrastructure.