Wi-Fi Test Firmware tape-out

PRIMUS in your pocket…

28th March 2013

If you buy a new smartphone in 2014 the chances are that it may contain PRIMUS firmware! Last year we announced that we’d been working very closely with a major chip manufacturer. Development has continued and they’re so pleased that they’ve programmed our firmware into their chip mask.
“Making mistakes at the chip foundry is an extremely expensive business” commented Chris St John, Director at PRIMUS, “and so it’s a huge compliment that our client has recognised the quality of our work and committed to using it in this way. We’ve seen our software rolled-out in the scale of hundreds of thousands of units before and that was pretty amazing but this might well reach tens of millions of devices and that’s another ballpark!”
Engineering samples of silicon chips will soon be rolling off the production line, and our firmware contribution will be used directly by engineers to examine the characteristics of the chip design. When the chip enters mass production the firmware will be used again on each smartphone as a Quality Control check before it is boxed and sent to distributors.